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Special education and Remedial

Remedial therapy is a program for students who have average or higher intellectual abilities but are not performing well in school. Typically, they experience challenges in  one subject area or skill, for example, reading, writing, or arithmetic.

Many students find it difficult to stay focused in class because traditional teaching methods do not capture the attention of different learning styles. Remedial programs are designed to give the students the individual attention that they need to build their skills and confidence so that they can live up to their potential. The remedial instructor meticulously designs the individual education plan according to the students’ needs and uses varied methods and strategies to help them acquire proficiency in the desired skill or subject.

Special education programs are meant for students who lack the intellectual ability to cope in a classroom that follows standardized concepts and subjects. They may also lack the social maturity, emotional maturity, physical ability and analytical skills that are needed  to perform in a remedial or a standard classroom environment

Delayed students who have special requirements will need to be on a special education program where the content and delivery is adapted to help meet the need of each individual student.

Our remedial therapists and special educators take an extra course in child development, research based methods of teaching, theory and instructional practice in order to be able to productively work with these children.

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