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Primary School Program

Our Primary Education program comprises of a six-year cycle, from a child’s first to sixth class. The curriculum aims to provide a broad learning experience and encourages a variety of approaches to teaching and learning, that cater to specific needs of individual children. The primary curriculum is designed to nurture the child in all dimensions of his or her life: spiritual, moral, cognitive, emotional, imaginative, aesthetic, social, academic and physical. It also focuses on the what and how of a child’s learning with the intention of :
• Developing each child’s potential to the fullest
• Encouraging a love of learning
• Helping the child to develop skills that the will use throughout their life.

The curriculum is presented in six areas, some of which are further subdivided into subjects. These are:
1. Language: Hindi, Local language and English
2. Mathematics
3. Social, environmental and scientific education (SESE): history, geography and science
4. Arts education: visual arts, music and drama
5. Physical education
6. Social, personal and health education (SPHE)

Through the FCDC program, primary school children with conditions such as Intellectual Disabilities, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Specific Learning Disorder, Attention deficit, and Hyperactive Disorder are referred for therapies to address these conditions. Academic interventions are conducted, in addition to behaviour management and counselling.
The overall objective is to make the child ready to assimilate and imbibe higher concepts of learning.

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The Fernandez Child Development Centre has been established in collaboration with the Divis Foundation for Gifted Children

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