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Psychological Testing & Counselling

Psychological testing and assessments for children involves the evaluation of thinking, learning, behaviour, and emotions, based on standardized and validated tools, interviews and observation. A child’s assessment covers many areas such as general development in cognition, language, memory, motor skills, visual-spatial abilities and academic skills (math, reading, writing, spelling, problem-solving). Psychological testing helps us in the diagnosis and intervention plan. Once the child is diagnosed with any deficits in developmental functioning, socio adaptive skills or communication skills, behavioural problems or problems in academic skills, the psychologist psycho-educates parents about the disability, helping them to come out of their grief and accept the child. They will be explained about the intervention plan. Each child is unique in their own way, and the child with special needs is no exception.  Both the therapist and the parents work in coordination to set goals and Plan IEP (Individualized Education Program) and work on them

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The Fernandez Child Development Centre has been established in collaboration with the Divis Foundation for Gifted Children

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