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Autism Program

Autism interventions  attempt to lessen deficits and problem behaviors associated with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), so as to enhance the quality of life and functional independence of the individual. Interventions are typically adapted to the child’s need, under two major categories:

  1. Educational interventions comprising of Special Education and Behavior Therapy
  2. Therapeutic intervention comprising of Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy and Physiotherapy.

Intensive, sustained special education programs and behavior therapy early in life can help children with ASD acquire academic and social skills. This often improves functioning, and reduces symptom severity and maladaptive behaviors.

Therapeutic interventions aim to provide specific therapies to address specific difficulties. Occupational therapy helps in developing skills required to perform daily activities such as self-care, play and learning. Speech therapy aims at expanding language skills and developing the communication system within the child’s environment. Physical therapy works towards improving the child’s physical abilities that strengthen the muscular control and motor coordination.

Parental involvement is integral part of the Autism Program. It is important to share knowledge and insights related to the child’s needs, so as to understand them better. This helps in further integrating the child into the community.

Age Group 2 – 15 years.
Time: 2 hours /day, 6 days a week

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